Travel might not be the same without your loved ones!

Ah that nice feeling of being overseas, sitting in the sun, drink ice-blended drinks and swimming in the nice calm waters of a pool. But then there’s being cramped on a bus for 27 hours, traveling on a plane with someone who can’t stop farting and, having to see your mum in tears after she poops in her pants. Yes this is the life I have to live. And YOU can follow it. So from this day forth I vow to blog or post news on games and anything I really want, seeing as this is my blog but I’m still open to suggestions, so don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think I should review, play or keep giving news on. Anyway on to the stuff your actually here for. So it’s been about a year and 3 months since I went on a RTW trip with my family. We went to so many places, that I can’t be bothered listing (go to this link for full details: and these ones for some better information: and . check these sites out!) so I have been to lots of places (let’s just leave it at that. If you want a full list comment for it!) And now I’m back in Penang, Malaysia.


So here I am sitting down typing a nice long post for all to read, of me crying over my sister crying (does that make sense? Meh.) So in the airport before went through the security gates with my mum and dad, my sister was with us. She was standing there, clearly holding back tears, till she just couldn’t do it anymore and burst into streams of water gushing everywhere. I gave her a hug and then… I started to cry too (clearly, I love my sisters, seeing as the day before I almost cried because my other sister was leaving.) So we head on through the security when I glance back and see my sister crying into her boyfriend’s chest. This. Is. Where. I. Lost it. I nearly ran back out to give her another hug, when I was pressed through the gate and then when I looked back they were gone, just like that, like they had never been there.


So now let’s skip forward about 3 weeks. I ley in my bed sleeping dreaming of how much fun we had in our hotel, but then it turns to her crying into her boyfriend’s chest and then I wake to my eyes being blurred by tears, I sit upright and… the tears start flowing. I sat there cuddling my pillow when I said to myself “get a drink and some wood, take a drink use the wood to build a bridge, and get the hell over it,” so I get my drink gulp it down, and then sit in the darkness for a little while, before drifting back into a clam and easy sleep. I wake up and go straight to drawing a picture of her and send it to her. This makes her cry and the story just goes on and on…. And on….. And on. So the second part of this post will be up tomorrow along with some news of a brand new game.


So seeing as I’m tired and… tired, I’m going to sign off and leave the rest till tomorrow. So I’ll see you all in the next post of whatever I want. So goodbye… ok for reals, goodbye……………. FIIIIINE goodbye.



Tell-Tale games’ new game, The Wolf Among Us, shocks many.

The new episode of “The Wolf Among US” shocked many people. With its plot twist (I’m not giving any spoilers so don’t worry that’s all I’m saying.) The YouTuber, pewdiepie, (link to his channel is here: he played through the entire second episode but his last “part” shocked all of his subscribers. Tell-Tale, you really know how to mess with people. We all sat there and then our jaws dropped (the link to buy the game is here: ). The game contains an amazing story line and a seamless choice system. When pewdiepie played the game he said “I didn’t actually feel like I was making a choice, it was so hidden” he also said “I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or a good one” but I think we can all agree that it makes the game so smooth, and you don’t think “oh no I need to make the right choice so that these people like me,” you more think “wait, was that right or not,” so all in all I think this game is an amazing feat on Tell-Tales behalf. So thank you Tell-Tale. The link to Tell-Tales’ website is here:

So next time I’ll be talking about how the walking dead really brings out anyone’s emotional side.

So I’ll see you all in the next post of whatever I make. See you all later


OK… Time to start off, Fresh!

So I have come to the conclusion that everything I had posted before this was, well let’s just say, rubbish. So now I am going to start posting about video-games and other computer related stuffs (yes I said “stuffs”). Alright, well time to start fresh. So I’m going to give a bit of news about video games and also (hopefully) vlog a bit, post a couple of gaming videos, AAANNNDDD post a couple of things on YouTube. So hopefully you haven’t fallen asleep and you will actually stay tuned. I’m also going to post every second day (to this site), and post to my YouTube once or twice every week. Sooo… I will post when some news comes out from games or just for the sake of sticking to my word. Who knows? Who has 2 thumbs and can’t do anything if they need to. This guy (points to self). So I’ll see you in the next post of whatever I make. See you all later.